Welcome to Panther Custom Caravans

Panther started business as a closed corporation in 1995. We started selling branded audio products for automotiveand home entertainment. We expanded by including custom car audio and various other customizing on the interiorand exterior of motor vehicles. This lead to the water transfer coating process (carbon fibre / wood grain)that started in 2000. Due to our history with electrical wiring and our credible references; Panther was also contacted by various caravan companies and started manufacturing electrical wiring harnesses. Being an avid camper and outdoor enthusiast, I realized that there were many young couples and families that wanted to enhance their camping equipment but could not afford to upgrade or purchase a new vehicle that would enable them to tow a large heavy caravan. With fuel costs escalating on a monthly basis it soon became evident that senior citizens at some point needed to scale down; as they could no longer afford to drive large vehicles and struggled to maneuver their large caravans at camp sites and at home. This was the catalyst for us to develop a small convenient caravan to fill this requirement. That was the beginning of the manufacturing of Panther’s own exclusive customized Caravans. We manufacture our own chassis as well as the inner and outer fiberglass shell. Modifications were done to complete the prototype and the Panther Alpha came to life with the Panther Cub as the more economic version.

Our entire caravan shell is manufactured from fiberglass which eliminates wood rot completely. Our caravan interior can be customized to meet individual requirements when placing your order.